Laundry Room Organization

This laundry room transformation actually happened as a result of the unexpected “nesting” that occurred in anticipation of the arrival of our new puppy, Duchess. Weeks before we went to pick her up I went into overdrive when it came to decluttering, cleaning, and sanitizing our home.

Major Task 1: Laundry Room Organization.

Laundry room before being organized

I knew the pup would be a lot of work so I wanted to alleviate as much stress as possible. I had quite a few ideas but I was on a time crunch, and more importantly, I was on a very tight budget.

How could I get my disaster of a laundry room clean and tidy with spending as little as possible?

From looking at various pictures of laundry rooms I adored, I realized that I would need lots of storage or cabinetry. The open shelves created visual clutter and would continue to do so no matter how differently I placed the various items that were stored there.

Of course cabinetry was not an option due to both time and money. My next thought was to buy some nice wooden boxes. Then between the boxes place a few green plants to give it a feng shui feel.

This plan fell short after I saw the prices of nice wooden boxes.

Plan B: I ended up settling for some fabric boxes, which would eliminate visual clutter and give the room a clean and airy feel.

I was able to get 12 boxes for $40 so that’s all it cost me to organize the chaos of my laundry room. I will admit I regretted the color decision after I began putting them up there, but I wanted to be adventurous and brighten the room so the turquoise stayed. It has grown on me over time.

So with 12 fabric boxes and about about 2 hours of work the laundry room was organized! I was so proud and it felt 100 times better walking in. I don’t feel as stressed doing the laundry and I have actual space to fold my clothes. This was definitely a win!

A slightly more organized Mama,

Jasmine B.

Slide the arrows to see the before and after comparison of the laundry room

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