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We’re Moving?!?

Yup, from Phoenix to San Francisco. We have decided to pack up our home, rent out the place, and move in with my family in CA. Why? Quite frankly, I was feeling restless. I am someone that gets anxious when life becomes mundane. I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. I have come …

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A Glutton for Punishment

Disclaimer: This is a rant. Probably more suitable for a personal diary entry. However, in the small case someone is able to benefit from knowing they are not alone in how they feel, I have decided to post anyways. If you can’t relate, more power to you my friend and please help a sister out. …

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Should you have kids? The things most parents won’t say.

Frankly, I was just naive regarding all aspects of parenthood. Today, when I talk to friends that do not yet have children and they seem to understand the gravity of of being a parent better than I ever did before having them. I wish I had truly taken into consideration all that was ahead before becoming a mom.

Should I get a Divorce?

I do not think there is any shame in considering a divorce. It is what you do after that thought comes to mind that makes all of the difference. Are you going to feed your mind with anger and resentment? Or are you going to do the work to get yourself back to a place of positivity and peace?

Laundry Room Organization

This laundry room transformation actually happened as a result of the unexpected “nesting” that occurred in anticipation of the arrival of our new puppy, Duchess. Weeks before we went to pick her up I went into overdrive when it came to decluttering, cleaning, and sanitizing our home.

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